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        Welcome to Serenity! 

When we saw this location we just knew this is where we would find serenity! It's serene ambiance is off of the beaten path (which can be a little difficult to find) but once you are here take a moment and breathe in a breath of fresh air, take a look around, and get ready to shop for fun fabrics! 

Julie Woodworth- Owner

Sewing & Crafting has been a part my life since a very young age. About 15 years ago I was bit by the quilting bug!

After quilting for a number of years and visiting many quilting stores, I thought it would be wonderful to have a quilt store in our community. There are many people who are interested in learning how to craft but don't have a mentor or place to go where they can learn. This is how the idea for Serenity Quilt Shop started. We have many local crafter's to support! 

I look forward to serving our community and providing all our fellow crafters with a place to sew, beautiful fabrics to choose from, patterns & ideas for your next project, and classes to help you learn new techniques. 

Favorite Quilt Technique? 
Handwork of applique 

Favorite Fabric to work with? 
All quilt cotton

Favorite Colors? 
I enjoy the colors of autumn; reds, oranges, yellows, browns

Susan Hanson- Store Manager

I have been around sewing my entire life. My grandmother would make patch work quilts using scraps from clothing and drapery fabric she received from a local drape factory. These quilts were made for function rather than art as many of us quilt today.  My mother and grandmother would sew every day clothing but my mother dabbled in making doll clothes as well.

I learned to sew mostly clothes, but as my children got older, I was drawn more to quilting. My quilting time has been limited between job and family duties but have been an avid quilter for the past 20 years. 

Favorite quilt technique? 

Piecing, Paper Piecing, constructing my own blocks/patterns, and sandwich quilting. 

Favorite fabrics to work with? 
Cotton fabrics with designs that are rustic or cabin feeling

Favorite Colors? 
Greens and blues 
Contact Us
  • Serenity Quilt Shop
  • Ph: 262.577.5886
  • 4003 80th Street, Suite 102
    Kenosha, WI 53142
  • Hours:
  • MON | THUR | FRI 10-5
  • WED 10-5
  • SAT  10-4
  • SUN 12-4
  • Closed Tuesdays
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